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11 April 2010

WDTV ThumbGen project goes on


No news since some time but the project is not abandoned at all ... I have a lot of nice new features being tested by betatesters and we really hope that soon we'll have a stable release that will be made public and accessible via "Check updates" button.

So stay tuned and don't change the channel ;)


  1. Can you add Chinese fonts support? I tried your application with a Chinese movie, everything seems worked ok. I could use Chinese throughout the application. But those Chinese I entered did not get generated correctly (displays squares) in the final sheet. Could you check it? Thanks for the great wrok!

  2. Follow up:
    Just checked the metadata, Chinese fonts displays correctly. Looks like just the final sheet had problem.

  3. Thank you for your efforts and for this fantastic program.

  4. @Anonymous: I'll try to find out what's wrong.

  5. First of all, great work on Thumbgen. My suggestion es about fetching imbd info in other languages (like spanish). That would be perfect for me and many spanish speaking users. Thank you.

  6. You already have 2 Spanish movieinfo providers (alpacine and filmaffinity).
    So not soon.

  7. Is there a way of including among the movieinfo providers. It's far better and more complete than already included in thumbgen! Anyway, great thanks for the very useful progs!