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07 February 2010

WDTV ThumbGen 0.10 released!

Version 0.10.1
Link: Click to download or click "Check for updates" (v0.6+)
Release Notes:
  • Improved the .nfo files management: the generated .nfo file can be used later as MovieInfo source and has now XML format (very similar with the XMBC one); you can put your own data there and you can use it inside ThumbGen
  • Centralized MovieInfo display
  • Extended media flags detection (flac, vorbis, SD resolutions, embedded subtitles)
  • Implemented proxy support (inside Advanced Options)
  • Implemented full support for TViXiE templates: BUT the feature is disabled, as I am not allowed to distribute the required library file (no licence). You must eventually take it from TViXiE or ask for it directly from its authors (Neodynamic ImageDraw). If you place the DLL near the ThumbGen's exe file you'll get MovieSheets support (Trial watermark will appear on each generated MovieSheet). To build up the MovieSheet you can drag'n'drop cover/backdrop/MovieInfo over the MovieSheet or you can use the "Green check" buttons. The generated sheet (wd_tv.jpg) will be placed near the movie file. Supported are original TViXiE templates and also some of the MSG-modified ones (including media flags and rating stars) and they must be placed in a Templates subfolder.
  • The updates support was moved to a new domain/host
  • Bug fixed: Improved images memory management
  • Bug fixed: Filtering season-episode number was wrong sometimes, affecting normal movies (eg. ocean's eleven)
  • Bug fixed: Skipping current folder was not working in some circumstances
  • Bug fixed: collector had a bug in retrieving Movies
Important: ThumbGen requires a PC with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/2008/7 and Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5SP1 installed (can be downloaded for free here).



  1. Good one - thx :)
    ...but still missing support for "adult" movies :)

  2. :) Give me a bit more time and I will do something about that :)

  3. Check updates button is not working anymore ?? Using version 0.9.9

    Message given is : Cannot check updates. Please retry later.

    Maybe you forgot to change program as new in latest version is :

    The updates support was moved to a new domain/host


  4. Thumgen, great work as always. I might be doing something wrong. I am getting a Media File Download Error everytime I try to make my own movie snapshots from ISO or MKV rips. My home movie MP4's play fine though. I have latest Medialayer and ffshow. Any ideas?

  5. Thanks for reporting the update problem. Should be fixed now. My old host simply closed the business without notice so I had to quickly switch to some other host (I also took domain instead of as the later one will expire after one year). Now all calls are redirected to the new domain/host and I hope it will last.

    Regarding second comment: unfortunately it is not possible to make snapshots from ISO files. For MKV files I think you need also Haali Splitter. If you can play the video files inside Windows Media Player v10+ you will be able to play them inside ThumbGen also.

  6. Hey, just wanted to say that this is a great program! Makes it quite easy to setup a professional looking media player. Please continue your development and keep up the hard work! Also, do you have any plans to accept donations?

  7. Thank you for your comment.

    I would like to accept donations (to buy the license to remove that Trial watermark) but I want to remain fully anonymous. And I do not know any method how to receive money that way (Paypal puts my name in the confirmation email).

  8. I am having a weird issue with a certain movie. I have Zombieland in ISO format but whenever I load it up in thumbgen, it locks the program up (black background, not responding). It happens after searching for the title using the start(manual) button. All the other movies I have used with thumbgen have worked fine, I am not sure why this one is different. Auto mode works but doesn't give the correct images. I can get around it by using another folder and doing a manual search, but I would like to know why it's happening. How can I troubleshoot this? Is there a log file? Where are the program settings stored?

  9. I guess retrieving the MediaInfo is killing CPU and that's why u get that behaviour. Have you tried to wait a bit more?

    "Auto mode works but doesn't give the correct images." Can you pls tell me some samples so I can try to improve the automatic detection? If you use .nfo files with IMDb Id you will get much better results.

    There is no log file (yet) and the program settings (I do not recommend u to play with them :)) are located in the user's profile, ApplicationData/ThumbGen/config.xml

  10. Hmm, I just tried it again and the first time it worked, but subsequent attempts yielded the same result even with the latest version. I am still unsure about what causes it to lock up. I used DVD Fab 6 instead of the usual Anydvd HD for that particular movie so that may have had something to do with it.

    The first image for auto mode was a disgusting, yet hilarious, pic of a hand coming out of the toilet with the title "Monsturd". After trying again I got Saw IV for the thumb. The third time was the charm on auto and it selected the right movie.

    There is another small issue when updating and using Norton Internet Security. It marks the zip file for suspicious behavior and recommends blocking it. Here's a pic(why oh why can't I copy and paste?)
    There is probably not much you can do about it but I wanted to let you know anyways.

  11. Using Automatic Mode without having .nfo files with IMDb is almost a lottery. You'll get a random image from the Results set. If during Automatic Search I cannot locate _precisely_ the movie you'll get funny results. I will work a bit later on improving the Auto mode, but for the moment that's how it works.

    Norton Security is maybe right... ThumbGen has the needed DLLs embedded inside and after update they are autoextracted from the exe file and placed in the same folder. That makes ThubmGen easier to "transport" and to manage, by being a single exe. So nothing really dangerous or strange happening there :)

  12. Ah, I think the Antivirus is fooled by the fact that the file is actually a renamed exe :) I do that to avoid the host server refusing me to store exe files there. Nothing suspicious from the user's point of view ;)