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18 August 2010

ThumbGen v1.1.4 released!

Download v1.1.4 here


  1. bug with the template preview (pb with switch between screen )i go back on 1.1.3
    thx for your efforts

  2. Can you please give me more details about what's happening? I'd like to fix that.

  3. Mhh, why does thumbegn dosent find any movie information for eg: Crusoe?

    Folders on harddisc:
    Crusoe\Season 01\Crusoe-S01E01.avi
    Crusoe\Season 01\Crusoe-S01E01.avi

    same with


    Friends\Season 09\Friends-S09E01.avi
    Friends\Season 09\Friends-S09E02.avi


  4. Possible to read out an extra nfo file in the season folder to better identify a season? (year, imdbID, etc??)

  5. 0. Install and use the latest TG version

    1. Use only collector when u process TVShows and both series will be processed correctly. Visit also and read the Tutorials/FAQ sections to find out more details

    2. Look at a .nfo file generated by TG for series and place a similar file having the same name as the first episode in that series. Put IMDb inside and will be enough. Normally u should not need to do this, using as collector bring very good results (if some series is not processed then most probably it does not have the IMDb set in database. Make an account there, add the IMDb Id and that will help us all).

  6. nice tool man, i hope you will update it a bit for the WD TV Live Hub users
    greetz o/

  7. Yeah, kudos to you thumb. :O)
    It's the stupid me, that didn't remember the thingy.

    I think I'll store that in another profile.