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11 May 2010

ThumbGen v0.12.28 released!

Download v0.12.28 here


  1. First time I have ever had an issue with your great app. Just tried using the playlist feature and I am not getting any results. I put in as a test C:\.. as my path and I cannot find any M3U's on my hard drive. I have a hand ful of movies in folders that I am using as a test before I have this work through my movie drive, and have those folders and movies checked off. I must be missing something. Thanks again for you app and your help.

  2. U need to have .nfo OR .tgmd files for your movies if u want to build playlists. I extract needed info from them. Check what the mainwindow log is saying about each processed movie.

  3. You know what? I tried reentering my path and now see the playlists. Thanks again, works perfectly. Having created playlists by hand previously this is going to be incredible. Can't wait to apply this on my movie drive....