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10 December 2009

WDTV ThumbGen 0.4b released!

Version 0.4b
Link: Obsolete.
Release Notes:
  • It is possible now to reuse same thumbnail for all movies inside a folder (quite useful for series)
  • Switch on/off folders recursive folders processing
  • Switch on/off prompt to adjust keywords before each search
  • Improved generation of keywords used for the automatic search attempt (if the prompting before each search is turned off)
  • GUI changes/improvements (splash, tooltips)
  • The results include season number (if available)
  • For each result it is possible to jump to and/or the provider website to get infos about the movie

 Note: Until I am ready with the autoupdate mechanism please uninstall (Add/Remove Programs) previous version before installing a new one. I hope that soon I am able to host the ClickOnce app somewhere and then it will do autoupdate on startup.


  1. let me try this application, looks cool! :)

  2. I tried :)
    The recognition of movies is happening on names, not on folder names.
    For me this does not work very well... (names of movies are not really like the folder movie name)
    Have a look at the code of for how they do their recognition, even based on .nfo files.
    It's the best recognition I found up till know :)

  3. Thx for your feedback!

    Yes, currently I use the movie filename to try to detect the movie. Using the folder name can be aan option, sure, but some users keep all movies inside one folder (per year, per genre, etc). I'll make a switch for that, it is clear that using the folder name the recognition rate will be much better as normally the user is renaming the folder very close to the real movie name.